Since 2014,
there has been an increase
30% of car accidents,
mainly due to smartphones.

Fleet managers want their people to arrive home safely every day.

They deal with increased numbers of car accidents and increased cost of claims. An alarming 25% of the total cost of car damage is related to the driver being distracted by his or her smartphone. …..

How to help drivers comply with safe driving rules?

SafeDrivePod increases compliance by reframing and transforming the user experience of driving safely.

Low employee motivation was targeted by reframing a negative experience into a positive, empowering experience of driving safely to increase compliance among drivers.


Your personal drive coach. Clive recognises individual drivers, explains the use and advantages of the technology, provides you with positive feedback on your personal safe-driving behaviour.
Safe Drive Community
The community stimulates drivers to collaborate to reach positive goals. Once a member of the Safe Drive Club, Clive gives you insight on your performance related to the other members of the Safe Drive Club.
Management Insights
Management information is focused on the progress in safe driving at an individual, team and community level.

Transforming Experience

SafeDrivePod fundamentally transforms a negative ‘I can’t use my phone,’ into ‘I am actively driving safely.’ This simple change combined with a compelling story and a real world goal (saving 1000 lives) demonstrates the power of gamification for compliance issues.

SafeDrivePod is an excellent preventative solution, which helps reduce the risk of accidents.

Lady van Hout
Manager HR, GS4

SafeDrivePod is an effective means for companies that want to go further and ensure traffic safety.

Liam Donnelly
General Manager, Arval

The SafeDrivePod is a smart solution for our clients to help reduce distractions while driving.

Patrick Knappers
Risk Advisor, IAK Verzekeringen

Over 1000 lives saved before the end of 2020.

Thanks to SafeDrivePod.

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