Gamification according to Liftov

Gamification is using game-mechanics to create impact in the real world. It doesn’t have to be a game. You can use the power of games without touching a single button. 
To drive productivity. To educate. To improve customer experience.


It’s a way of designing solutions with human behaviour as the starting point.

We are Liftov

With behavioural science, design and data, we create digital products people will love.
We exist to humanise the digital world, empowering people with products that are a joy to use.
Because today, a seamless and rewarding customer experience is essential.
Foremost, we are creators. We design, we build, we make. 
Come work with us. Make things happen.
We are Liftov
A digital design agency
We use behavioural design and gamification
To get people moving

We strongly believe in

A human-centered approach based on behavioural science & gamification
Design thinking based on a creative concept
Digital technology to create engagement and immediate impact
Data to optimise strategy & tools

Wanna be gamified?

Unlock a workshop with Liftov
In a short workshop we can make a big step towards a solution. Don’t worry about the cost, this one is on us ; )
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We create digital solutions for

For employees

We empower employees to perform with digital tools that make professional life easier.
  • Knowledge transfer & awareness with micro learning
  • Safety & compliance with gamified solutions
  • Onboarding & employee engagement with activating formats
  • Soft-skills training with blended social learning
  • Performance support with (mobile) technology

For students

Enable students to excel with gamified learning experiences.
  • Gamebased learning
  • Activating mobile solutions
  • Blended learning with gamification

For customers

Attract and engage customers with delightful digital experiences.
  • (Digital) brand awareness
  • Brand activation
  • Data based optimisation