We live in an increasingly digitalized world. Technology has changed how people interact, how people buy and how people learn. It also has changed how businesses are run.


Do you want to be a part of this change? Check out how Liftov can help you get there successfully.


Service Design

Service Design

Every day we have access to a wealth of digital products to help us grow our business and get our employees going. However, there is room to improve these products. See, ultimately, the digital product you buy is meant to increase your revenue and improve your employee performance.
We have the skills and tools in-house to build and activate your platforms and people. Both on- and offline. Together, we create a bespoke user experience to make your people and brand perform.
We attract and engage customers with delightful digital experiences in
  • (Digital) brand awareness
  • Brand activation
  • Data based optimisation


One thing that technology hasn’t changed over the years, but perhaps even has amplified… is how people play. And how play enforces learning. Play stimulates and triggers our inner drives & motivation. As Liftov we proudly design effective gamification into the digital products we create.
We design, build, measure and enhance digital products that grows your business: whether it’s for customers, employees or students.
We enable excllence in learning experiences through
  • Gamebased learning
  • Activating mobile solutions
  • Blended learning with gamification


In this ever-changing time organizations are continually in transition. Your employees are key in this progress, but it’s not easy to sustain change. Our behavioral design consultants analyze and optimize the usage of your business tools. We design towards a behavior- & culture change to activate your employees and increase performance & business results.


We empower employees to perform by making professional life easier through
  • Knowledge transfer & awareness with micro learning 
  • Safety & compliance with gamified solutions
  •  Onboarding & employee engagement with activating formats
  • Soft-skills training with blended social learning 
  • Performance support with (mobile) technology