Behavioural Design & Gamification
We are 11 strong, a combo of designers, behavioural- and technical experts. 
We are accelerated by the Gumption Group, a network organisation with 450 people in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
We do what we’re best at. And we know we can’t excel at everything. So we work with great specialists when needed, because we believe in focus, in sharing, and in not trying to reinvent the wheel.
Our technology partners: Appythings, TheValueChain
For commercial matters call Mariek Witlox: +316 202 48 836


Our Dutch office is on
Grebbeberglaan 15, 3527VX Utrecht, The Netherlands
Our Belgian office is on
Straatsburgdok/noordkaai 21/B19, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium


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Our business info, for those who need it:
KVK: 65563883, VAT ID: NL 856163703b01